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Opioids is a term used for a class of drugs that have a similar chemical structure to heroin, such as oxycontin, fentanyl, hydrocodone, oxycodone and codeine.
$20 can help connect a mother to the treatment she needs


The Urgent Love Initiative is focused on the opioid epidemic from the ground up, with innovative strategies that address highly-targeted populations. Our organization leads from the heart, strengthened by the power of local and the value of compassion.


The only way to prevent infants from being born into opioid withdrawal is to help their mothers get the treatment they desperately want. 100% of your donation will go toward directing mothers to the proper medical and psychological support they need.


This campaign supports Urgent Love’s work to reduce the number of opioid-dependent births, help expecting mothers navigate treatment, strengthen local recovery programs and show America the opioid epidemic has gone too far.

100% of the money you donate will go to The Urgent Love Initiative operated by The Prevention Council of Roanoke, a nonprofit coalition based in Virginia, to help put mothers and their newborns on a path to a healthier future.